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"Детей Тайги" и “Grüner Grashalm”!

Всего несколько недель назад мы планировали провести наш рождественский проект с сибирскими участниками в Европе, но, к сожалению, нынешние события и ограничения не позволяют нам это сделать. Но мы не отчаиваемся и переносим часть проекта в Сибирь, в деревню Петропавловка.

Для участия в проекте приглашаются молодые люди в возрасте от 18 до 30 лет, которые хотели бы активно поддержать нас в развитии зоны туризма и организации центрального парка в дикой природе, в горах Саяны. Проект будет проходить с 26.12.2021 по 16.01.2022 г. в деревне Петропавловка Курагинского района Красноярского края в молодежном центре НКО«Дети тайги».

В деревне мы будем осваивать разные ремесла, знакомиться с мастерами, заниматься йогой, ходить на экскурсии, организовывать международную новогоднюю вечеринку и вместе встречать новый 2022 год и Рождество!

Далее участников ждет участие в подготовке проекта «Строительство домов из соломы» для экотуристического размещения в деревне Гуляевка.


Вторая часть проекта будет проходить на озере Тиберкуль, в деревне Тиберкуль — это 60 км в горы от деревни Петропавловка. Добираться до нашей базы придется через замерзшее озеро. Там стоит юрта и дом, в которых смогут расположиться участники. Это прекрасная возможность попариться в бане с видом на озеро. От этой базы будет организован поход в горы на снегоступах и разметка зимней тропы для маршрутов в природном парке. Участники смогут научиться основам выживания зимой в тайге.

⁉️Как принять участие в проекте? Что взять с собой из вещей? По всем вопросам пишите нам:
E-mail: gruenergrashalm@t-online.de

WhatsApp / Telegram: +7 950 992 84 25 (Хорст)
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Dear friends of the "Children of Taiga" and "Grüner Grashalm"!

Just a few days ago, we planned to hold our annual meeting and Christmas project with siberian participants on January 2, 2022, at the old stable, and then go with the participants to Chat-pod-Naruzim in the Western Tatras for winter training of youth leaders.

 Unfortunately, we wouldnt be able to make this plan come true due to the restrictions in Europe. But we do not give up and move part of the project to Siberia, to the village called Petropavlovka. Young people aged 18 to 30 who would like to support us in the development of the tourism sphere and a National park establishing in the Sayan Mountains are invited to participate in the project. If you want to stay with us after the project for a longer time to get better acquainted with our eco-village life you are more than welcome. 

Our project «ECOREG — 2022» is supported by the European Solidarity Corps. The project start day is 12/26/2021 and lasts till 01/16/2022. It takes place in the siberian village Petropavlovka, Kuraginsky district, Krasnoyarsk Krai, youth center of «Children of Taiga» NGO. In the main building there are two rooms on the second floor, a kitchen, and a spacious ground floor for group classes and meetings. The toilet is located outside. There is also a guest house in the yard, girls could stay there in case its not comfortable in a shared house. Third option is another guest house which is also equipped with a small kitchen, an oven with a fireplace and sleeping places. In the village we will learn different crafts, get acquainted with the masters, do yoga, go on excursions and celebrate the new 2022 year! We will also celebrate Christmas in an unusual, authentic way. Next steps would be to take part in the preparation of an adobe house building project in Gulyayevka village; teaching future youth leaders the basics of survival in winter, organizing and overseeing group excursions , as well as New Year’s international youth party organization. Second part of the project will take place at the Lake Tiberkul, in the village of Tiberkul — it is 60 km higher to the mountains from Petropavlovka. We will get to our second base by walking across a frozen lake. There is a yurt and a house where participants will stay. Recentry we have finished building a sauna at the lake so upon arrival we would need to finish the last steps, get wood and try our newborn sauna for the first time enjoying the lake view. For the most brave participants a mountain trip would be organized, the goal will be to mark trails in the future national park. we are also planning to organize a surrounding us lakes trip. Probably there will be one difficult tour to one of the Sayan mountains as well as a crash course on project organazation Z-A ( begginer ). What we expect from your side? A great sense of adventure,determination, good mood; motivational letter that outlines why you would like to take part in this project, your goals and describtion of your life situation at the moment.



You would need to pay your visa, ticket and a PCR test, all the expenses will be reimbursed to you upon arrival here. It is recommended to bring a lot of warm clothes with you. Warm shoes for heavy snow around. It happens here the temperature drops — 40C. Thermal underwear. Sunglasses, suncream. Mittens or gloves. Negative PCR test, which is not older than 24 hours. As a rule, you book only hand luggage and a shared backpack as checked baggage for the whole group. You should wear warm clothes when coming to russia. Sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tents, special equipment you get from us on the spot. 
Tickets can be refunded up to maximum 800 €. 
You will also need a foreign medical insurance in Russia for the period of travel from 12/26/2021 + 6-12 weeks, depending on what your policy includes and how long you stay. 
We usually apply for the maximum possible duration of a humanitarian visa of 90 days. Because we had the experience that after a team project, European participants often want to stay longer to get to know the country and its people better or decide whether to volunteer in our project for a year. Participants without German citizenship must present a certificate of permanent residence in Germany or apply in their country for a visa. We are planning future internships for students of environmental disciplines for the development of sustainable tourism and environmental projects and would like to invite them to develop a concept in this project.


E-mail: gruenergrashalm@t-online.de
WhatsApp / Telegram: +7 950 992 84 25 (Horst Weinlich)

                                            +7 902 468 34 31 (Ljuba Derbina).